When the enemey comes in……

I have heard it quoted my whole Christian life, “when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard against him,” only to find out that the original Hebrew translation of that verse is something very different.  Have you ever experienced a flood? Everything sopping wet and no matter how hard you try you cannot escape its grasp, getting one thing cleaned up only to find another totally ruined.  While it may seem complimentary to credit the Lord with being able to stand up against that, the true translation is even better, “When the enemy comes in,  (note the proper placement of the comma) like a flood the Lord will raise up a standard against him!” It is the Lord who is like the flood, unstoppable, reaching every knook and cranny, leaving nothing untouched.  Now may I ask again, “Have you ever experienced that kind of flood?”

I have.  A few days ago it seemed that demons literally landed in our household, and I can only describe what happened as “all hell broke loose” with siblings hotly arguing, throwing obscenities at each other and crescendoing into promises of bodily harm.  In all the chaos my son’s dog got loose and tragically got into the road and hit by a car.

You know that moment when all time seems to stop and your brain seems to stop functioning. The horror of that moment was so intense I couldn’t think or speak.  Jackie, the dog, is our son’s companion dog, a true God send for him as he heals from deep heart and soul wounds received during his time in Afghanistan.

Suddenly, there was a woman who stopped and simply stated, “I am a vet tech.  Get the dog into the car and go up to the such and such animal clinic.  They are open till 2.” We all followed her instructions.

The vet said they had to x-ray her to establish the damage, but if her hips or pelvis were damaged we were looking at multiple thousands of dollars (which we don’t have) and putting her down would be our only option.  But God…..

While waiting for the results we prayed (or more acurately for me, begged) that God would not allow her to be taken from us, and I stated to my son, “When she comes back in here, she is going to say that it is not as bad as they first thought.”

Well, that was so because when the enemy comes in, like a flood the Lord raises up a standard against him.  Not only did the woman appear right at the moment we needed instruction, and fill my heart with resolve that He would move on our behalf and spare Jackie, He did keep her. The vet even said that in this scenario though it was bad, the best thing that could have happened, did happen.  Only a bone in her back leg was broken and it was broken in the best  way!  It should heal quickly.  She also added that Jackie was very lucky.  Are you kidding me??

I told her I knew she would be fine because we were praying, and were going to continue to pray like crazy for her! I totally expect the vet to marvel when Jackie goes back for her two week check up as to how quickly and how well her leg is healing!

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Something in the Air

Originally posted on Mystery of Mystory:

Things, they are a changing, or so the song goes.  But do you feel the shift in the atmosphere? No, I don’t mean the chill in the air since Autumn made her grand entrance.  It’s the spiritual realm which seems closer with a fierce boldness I haven’t experienced before.

I had the privilege of participating in street ministry during Haunted Happenings in Salem, Massachusetts where people come from all over the world to experience what has come to be called the Witch Capitol in all its  ‘boo’tiful splendor.  The streets bustled with dramatically attired dabblers, decked out children, as well as those who dress eccentrically all the time and practice their magic with much less dramatic flair.

As in years past you could be jostled by passersby making their way from one offering to the next, or shouted at by “Christians” who seem to think that spewing judgment would somehow scare these…

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What Would Jesus Do?


Just thought this was worth reblogging today.

Originally posted on Mystery of Mystory:

This has become such a catch phrase with many people today that it truly has no meaning.  It seems to me that most who use this phrase mean it to show that they are doing what they think Jesus would do in a given situation.

I would like to take a look at Jesus for a moment and look at some of the things that he did when he walked the earth. Then I would ask you to simply consider, are you really like him at all?

At twelve years old he had such a grasp of what he had been put on the earth to do that he went off on his own, was missing from his family for three days and when his parents found him and began to scold him, his response was essentially; I am doing what God sent me here to do, why are you…

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Something in the Air

Things, they are a changing, or so the song goes.  But do you feel the shift in the atmosphere? No, I don’t mean the chill in the air since Autumn made her grand entrance.  It’s the spiritual realm which seems closer with a fierce boldness I haven’t experienced before.

I had the privilege of participating in street ministry during Haunted Happenings in Salem, Massachusetts where people come from all over the world to experience what has come to be called the Witch Capitol in all its  ‘boo’tiful splendor.  The streets bustled with dramatically attired dabblers, decked out children, as well as those who dress eccentrically all the time and practice their magic with much less dramatic flair.

As in years past you could be jostled by passersby making their way from one offering to the next, or shouted at by “Christians” who seem to think that spewing judgment would somehow scare these people into seeking God.  Didn’t they notice that most attendees really enjoy being scared, so that may not be an adequate tactic.  Not to mention that it totally misrepresents the heart of God for people.

For me this year was different, very different.  Those who came to get a word, or have a reading seemed to be suffering from a much stronger desire to know the truth.  And I for one, felt a much stronger boldness to offer them the true solution to the emptiness in their souls, and the vacuous terrain of life filled with questions that too long have remained unanswered.

Some left encouraged, feeling loved in a way they were not expecting when they first sat down.  Others left having been challenged and I know in my heart will not be satisfied until they accept the challenge.  It’s that time of year when we acknowledge the change of the seasons; but I encourage you to tune in the change of the atmosphere as well.  Pay attention, lend an ear, keep your eyes peeled for something wonderful is happening.  It’s sounds alot like His Kingdom come to me!

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Permission Granted

Many times in life we experience offenses when we are hurt or disappointed.  In relationships there are times that we hurt each other or threaten to say or do things that usually are from the heat of the moment but do reveal latent wounds.

In those situations when we are the victim rather than the perpetrator, our response may be “Go right ahead!” or “Be my guest!” when actually we are not giving permission at all; but rather giving the allusion that we grant permission knowing that our response in itself is a threat that carries its own consequences.

Consider a man who experienced the ultimate betrayal and yet released permission to his betrayer that was true permission; a release that not only fully gave the betrayer permission to do the deed, but in its giving released the one betrayed from the power of offense.

Allow me to explain.  Many years ago a man became quite well known in his community as one who could perform miracles in the name of God but was not a part of the religious system.  There were a few people who wanted to be close to him, joined his group and were mentored closely by him for years.

It may be difficult for us to fathom the sincerity with which this man poured himself into his little band of followers; putting up with their inability to grasp many of the concepts he taught them, and their seeming need for position and self promotion.  If you have never been involved in a mentoring relationship the idea of being closely discipled by a peer may seem a foreign concept and the painful experience of being “sharpened” by another may be hard to imagine.  But this man continued to give himself and tried with everything in him to help his followers see the truth of what he taught them and translate that truth into how they lived.  

Then on a day that seemed just like all the rest, the group gathered for a celebration and a meal. Eating together was a regular practice and intimate conversation at the table or around a fire was normal if not expected. But on this day, just after finishing the main course of the dinner, this man handed a piece of bread that he had just dipped in oil  to one of his followers with this parting message: “What you are going to do, do it even more quickly than you have intended. Go now, act swiftly.”

What I find most unusual about this incident is not so much the instruction to go ahead and do what was planned, but what happened once this receiver of the bread left the room.  I am sure if you have been alive for more than twelve years you have experienced a friend or family member turning on you and behaving in a way toward you that has disappointed you or broken your heart. But how many times after having been the victim of misuse or abuse have you not mentioned it again to anyone.

In the instance of this man who not only gave permission to his follower whom the man knew was going to betray him; but once the act was sealed in the follower’s heart and this follower left the room on his way to betray his teacher, this man did not then turn and inform his “true” friends still sitting with him of what just happened.  He did not begin to tearfully explain how this so called friend was really a scum bag who at that very moment was betraying him to people who would ultimately take his life.

No this man was different from you and me.  He covered his friend and his friend’s selfish act and loveless behavior completely.  When he said, “Go and do what you have planned,” he meant it and when he gave permission it wasn’t flowery language that was intended to make him look good to those in the room.  It was spoken earnestly, quietly, to the intended hearer with complete purity and heart, void of ulterior motive.  He truly gave permission to this betrayer, with love and forgiveness attached.

I’ve read the Ancient Writings of the Scriptures many times while on this spiritual journey and the reality of the saying that the Word is alive has never been more true to me than in this story.  Never having seen this in this light before I can honestly say that I was shaken to my core when the reality of the weight of this act was revealed to me.

You see, when this man sincerely released his betrayer from a pure heart he rendered powerless the effect of the coming betrayal. Consider the words that followed: “Now is the Son of Man glorified and God is glorified in Him;” Not later, now.  Not after some other hoop jumping or behavior modification, but now.

Oh, that we could come to terms with giving permission, with grasping the concept that the enemy is simply a tool in the hands of the Living God. There is nothing that can happen to us, or in us that is not ultimately for our good.  And when we can look over our lives and recognize that no matter who hurt us, betrayed us, or used us, or abused us, if we just release permission with a heart open to God to receive the full benefit of the experience (which is His intent in allowing anything) we render totally powerless the plan of the enemy and glorify God in a way that only responding like our Saviour and King can.

There is no time limitation in the spiritual kingdom.  If there is a place in your own life that needs to be healed, ask He Who Loves You Most to take you there, and upon arrival while facing your source of pain, simply respond with PERMISSION GRANTED and be free!

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What’s Your Major?

My seventh grandchild was recently born; 5th grandson, and was so gladly welcomed and surrounded with love. It is a wonderful thing to experience in reality the truth of God’s promise to see my children’s children. And even more wonderful to enjoy the privilege of being part of their lives and helping to instill an understanding of the reality of God and His great love and desire for relationship.

I drove the car to take Mom (my daughter) and Dad to the hospital.  We prayed while riding and covered the coming experience with His Presence and gave thanks for the perfect timing of God’s releasing Major into the earth.  Upon arrival and settling in, it seemed that all was going to proceed without a hitch. And that was the case for the better part of the day.  Water had broken at 4:30am and it was now 11:00am and some progress had been made. But four hours later after increasingly difficult contractions there was no further progress.  Exhaustion and discouragement were taking its toll and hospital staff were pressing to administer petocin. It was decided that this birth would progress as natural as possible long before nearing delivery so that was refused.  Another four hours of suffering and again no progress.

I suggested to Dad that in his position of spiritual authority he could command her cervix to open and tell Major to come forth! I even left the room so he would not be uncomfortable doing such a thing with someone else watching.  When I left the room I sat and prayed and sent out a distress text asking for prayer from my closest friends and family.  Faithful they are; and the battle began.  Within an hour and a half everything happened.  Dilation suddenly took place, and Major was born!  With only 3 pushes he was out and looking around and screaming his head off! But….

Then the placenta presented and behind that the fire hose of hemorrhagic blood.  Our doctor, who is a believer, gave instruction for the nurse to get two medications and she ran out of the room.  He instructed Dad to grab the baby and get over in the corner. He turned and locked eyes with me and I knew from the fear on his face and the cry of his eyes that he was saying, “Pray!” And pray I did.  I walked around to the head of the bed and put my hands on my daughter’s head and began to pray in the Spirit. She had laid her head back and shut her eyes. She looked up at me briefly and weakly said, “Pray Mama, I don’t want to leave them.”

She was worked on for about 25 minutes and finally the flood was abated. Glory be to God who is always faithful.

As usual, when things are happening I become very focused and do what needs to be done and essentially shut down emotionally so that I am not distracted by feelings. It is later that I fall apart, once everything is okay.

The next morning upon awaking the first thought in my mind was of a conversation with Major’s older brother, Zion, who is very spiritually perceptive.  At the dinner table a couple of weeks prior he had asked me, “Nana, when my Mom’s gone who will be my mother?” I, of course being clueless answered, “What do you mean honey, your Mom’s not going anywhere.”  He said, “When she’s in heaven, who will be my mother?” I assured him that nothing was going to happen to his Mom and even if something did ever happen that I would take care of him.  I told him that I would always be Nana but I would take care of him and never let anyone take him away.  He seemed satisfied with that answer and never said anything else about it.

I even asked his Mom if they had talked about anything that he may have overheard but she was sure they had not. After the hospital experience I realized that he was sensing in the Spirit what the enemy had planned. And though he shared it, I missed it, because I didn’t understand what was being said.  God is always faithful to watch over us and alot of times gives us the information we need to overcome the enemy.  I have determined in my heart to be more attentive to His Voice no matter how it presents.

Major is not only a beautiful gift but is also a wonderful lesson in walking through the sufferings of life while being attentive to the Spirit and alert to the wiles of the enemy who is always skulking around trying to find a way to have expression. May he never find an opening!

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Follow that Lead

I had the neatest thing happen yesterday.  At work while I was busy the thought went through my mind that I had to go a particular Rescue Mission store when I got off work. That makes no sense, its Christmas time and I need to do some more shopping and I certainly wouldn’t do it at the second hand shop.

I have been wanting to get my granddaughter a little kitchen set for Christmas but they are very expensive and in my opinion many of them  are tacky looking. My ideal would be to make something out of wood for her but that requires more skill than any of us have and to buy a nice wood one is hundreds of dollars.

I found one online yesterday afternoon through a Walmart email that was very small but only $15. As I was checking out a message popped up that they were sorry but this item just went out of stock.  I thought, “Oh well, I already got her a cute little set of pots and pots and that will just have to do.”

When I got ready to leave work I decided that since I wanted to stop by the grocery store and get a couple of things I would just go by the Rescue Mission store on the way home (which is a little out of my way) and go to the grocery store that is near there and then go home.

I walked in the Rescue Mission store and said, ‘OK Lord, why am I here?’.  I grabbed a cart and began to make an outer perimeter sweep of the store looking over stuff on the shelves. As I rounded a clothing rack toward the back of the store there sat my kitchen set.  It is perfect. It has a little sink, a stove, a drawer with two shelves in it, a microwave on top and on the opposite side of that is a little half table with two little placemats made into the top. It is made of plastic but it is in very nice shape and not tacky looking and it was $4.99.

I laughed out loud and said, “I should have known!  Thank you Lord, you are so good, you’re just amazing!”

Then as I was walking along I noticed several packages of adult diapers that had never been opened. I called my daughter who helps to care for an elderly gentleman and she said definitely to get them.  They use them all the time. The family pays for everything out of pocket and normally those are $12 a package. These were $3.99.   What a blessing!

I am still learning to follow His voice when I feel that kind of prompting and hope to never loose the marvel at how He wants to bless us!

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